Friday, February 18, 2011

Sound Of Music The Play

So last night I had gotten a chance to go and see The Sound Of Music the play. They performed at the High School and I have go to say that they did an awesome job. My church had put it on and it turned out awesome. I don't know all the people that played in the play but there was a few that I knew. Emily West, Ben Stott, LaShea Roylance, and a couple of other girls. The play was really good and I enjoyed it a lot. I thought that Emily West was really funny in the play and she was awesome. Ben Stott did a good job in the play. I enjoyed watching him play in the show. LaShea Roylance was awesome. She played her part well. They all played there part well and I enoyed it a lot. All I have to say is Good job to the cast and crew that put on the play. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Backstreet Boys This Is Us Tour 2010

Once Upon A Time Wedding
Brian AJ & Howie

Brian Aj & Howie

Brian, Nick, Howie & AJ

Thank You Megan for making these T-shirts for me love you.

I have no idea why I didn't even blog about this in the first time. I guess I wasn't thinking at all. On August 4, 2010 I had a date to myself to go see the Backstreet Boys in Wenatchee. I was down on floor 1 row J seat 18. I wanted to be closer to the guys but I couldn't. I had so much fun to see my boys all over again. When the show began my favorite singer from the group Brian Littrell his son Baylee steped out and asked all of us if we were ready to see the guys. All of the fans that was there that night was screaming at the top of their lungs and I was one of them. I was so exited I had my sister Megan made a t-shirt for me that says on the front of it "2010 I Heart My Boys" and on the back of the shirt it says "This Is Us" and then it says the boys names on the back. "Brian, Nick, Howie & AJ" I also had a poster made as well but when I got to the concert I found out that I couldn't take it in the room with me. That was a little up setting for me. Found out that I was the only fan that made a poster. I heard some fans that was in the line going in saying "That's what we should have made for the guys." I just grinned to myself cause I put in a lot of work for it but I couldn't take it in. Yeah well that was stupid. Anyways the guys came out and put on a great show for all of us. I had so much fun going to their concert once again. When the guys went off stage to go and change clothes they had a little video clips of each and every Backstreet Boys. Brian's was my favorite out of all of them. His was "Once Upon A Wedding" It was really funny. In the video Brian was playing the prince from Enchanted but instead of singing to the girl he was trying to find the guys. It was really funny! I loved it a lot. I had so much fun at the concert I didn't want it to come to an end of the night but it did. I took so many pictures of the guys I had to delete some just to take some more. I just want to say Thank You to my boys for their music that I love so much.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fighter

On December 17, 2010 I went to go see The Fighter. I have got to say that Christian Bale was really funny in this movie. Even though he wasn't the main person in the movie I thought he did an awesome job. His charater was really funny. I went to the theater by myself and enjoyed seeing Christian Bale up on the big screen. When I got there I felt like I had butterflies in my tummy because I've had a crush on this man ever sense I was a little girl. I felt like this man should have gotten an award when I got done watching this movie. Well when the awards came up in January I had Tom record the show for me so I can see Christian get an award for playing in the movie. Well we didn't get the first half of the awards recorded so I didn't get to see Christian get an award. Tom looked it up and he told me that Christian Bale had gotten the award. I felt like jumping up and down screaming really loud and being exited at the same time. I was so exited that man ha gotten his award for playing in the movie. I just knew that Christian Bale was going to get an award to play in the movie Fighter. I you haven't seen this movie I recomend it. The only reason why the movie is rated R is because its based off of a true story and Christian Bale's charater did drugs but in the end he turned himself around and he got out of the whole drugs and helped his little brother out.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Alright I have to blog about this. For one I guess it helps me to let go and second its a memory that i will never forget. Friday June 12th 2009 the morning of. I was getting ready to go and help out my sister-in-law with a store that is coming to Moses Lake. I tried to get a hold of my grandma to tell her that she doesn't need to take me to work but her phone line was busy. Well I was getting ready and finally I had gotten a phone call from some people that had helped me get this job. Anyways I had an interview that day over at Lowes so I was pretty exited and then when I gotten off the phone I finally gotten a phone call from a number that I have no idea who the person was. Well while I was talking to this person that I had no idea who I was talking to this person finally told me who it was. It was Julie Secrist! She had called me up and asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch with her that day. I agreed to go to lunch with her so my grandma came and picked me up and then I went back to my grandma's place cause I thought Julie was going to pick me up from my grandma's house. well I heard wrong and that I was suppose to meet her at her house. Anyways Julie came and picked me up and she asked me where should we go. I told her that I love Burger King and she looked at me "Are you sure you want to go to that place? we could go and sit at a different restaurant like Danas. Have you been to Danas?" well we ended up to Danas because I never at there at that restaurant at all. I had a salad and she had salad and a soup. We had a good time and I enjoyed her company and we had a really great conversation. We finally got done and we took off. I went to my Interview and then I went to work. At work I was having a hard time and I hurt my back at work. I couldn't let it go that the Secrist family is moving away. When I had gotten home I busted out in tears and it was hard for me. I text Corbin and told him that I wanted to talk to him. Well long story short I had gotten the chance to talk to Corbin late at night around 12:35 am & I had gotten to watch Newsies with my favorite actor of all time Christian Bale. Watching that movie got me feeling better and that night I had gotten to talk to Corbin. So I felt a whole lot better from all that. So Corbin thank you for being their for me through my tough times that I've been through and to the Secrist family I love you so much and I hope to keep in touch with you guys when you guys leave. Love you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Its what?......A Parade!!!.....Oh Goodie we get Candy!!!

On May 23rd 2009 I had gotten a chance to be in the Moses Lake Parade for my work. My co-workers and I had the chance to pass out candy and show off our t-shirts that we had gotten from my boss. It was my first time to be in the parade and I had a good time doing it. We walked for two hours when I had gotten off work that night. The guys that I work with loves to tease me a lot. When I have the time I do it right back to them. I really enjoy working at Grocery Outlet. When I was passing out candy I had found my family watching the parade. When they saw me my nieces and nephews and close friends of mine came running and asking me for candy. It was crazy if you ask me. I gave them candy and then gave my nephew Jace a kiss on his head and took off. Bye the time I had gotten done I was worn out from walking and running as well. When I gotten back to the Earls house I had gotten into the Hot Tub that night and relaxed for a few minutes or so. When I was done I gotten out and gotten ready for bed and I was out for that night. The next day I was pretty sore from the night before but i didn't care because I had gotten paid to do it. It was a bonus who wanted to walk in the Parade for my work. So I decided to do it even though I was already tired. I wanted more money. Could yeah blam me? I don't think so if you ask me or anybody else that I work with. In all that I had a good time doing that and I had fun talking and joking around with the guys that night.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Memory Of....

Ok so last night I went to Insitute and while I was there my teacher Brother Stones told me that he was over at Chief Moses Middle School 3 days ago and while he was over there he saw a bench right behind the school and the bench was right by the tennis court and on the bench it said In Memory Of Kathy Ritchie and some other sentences and at the end it said 2003. He told me that I had to get over the school and see it and he also told me that he was thinking of me when he saw it. I told him that I might cry when I see it and he told me so what. So I had a friend of mine take me to the school after my class. When I got to the school I got out of my friends car and I walked over to it and looked at it. I just gotta say that it was wonderful and I really liked it a lot. I wish I had a camera so I could take pictures of it and put it up on here. I didn't stay long at the school when I was done I got back into the car and went back to Tom & Gail's house. I went inside and went up stairs and told Gail about what happened last night and she thought it was cool. Ever sense I looked at the bench last night I've been thinking of my mom and well I had to blog about it. I'm really glad that Stones told me about it and I had gotten to go and see it. Thank You again Stones you were right when you said that I would like it. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valentine's Day Surprise!!!

Alright in the beginning of Feb. 7th through the 15th I house sat for Tom & Gail Earl. I had a good time. One of my friends Kelly Earl came over and got into the Hot Tub with me and we had a good time. Well when I was alone for a day and it was V-day I thought about doing something for Tom & Gail. I had a card to give to them but I wanted to give them something more so I did a letter for them. Trust me on this when I say that I try not to tell anyone about my feelings at all towards anything. Tom & Gail are one of the few people that I really trust and well I just poured out how I really felt about everything and here is the Letter that I wrote to them:

  Every single time I look back on my life I thank Heavenly Father that you guys are in my life. Even though you guys aren't really my parents I just want to thank you guys for everything. Tom, your more of a father figure in my life than my own father who doesn't talk to me in the first place. You've been their for me when I needed you the most and I'm glad that I have you in my life. Gail I can't say that your more of a mother to me because I had a great mother and I miss her tones but I can say your right up their with my mom at being the greatest. I love you to death!!! I also want to thank you guys for letting me come over all the time. I really don't think I felt more at home here than any other place I stayed at. I feel safe here and I really haven't felt that in a long time. Both of you guys means so much to me and I love you guys. I'm really glad that you and your kids were their for me and my family when my mom died. I know I struggled a lot but you guys never left my side you helped me move on and I thank you for that. I made this card and I had no idea who to give it to for Valentine's Day so I'm going to give it to you guys. I promise I'm going to keep in contact with you guys when I'm out on my own. In the future if I'm away I will come back and visit you guys. I love you. 

I left that note for them and I went to church that day with my grams to my home ward. While I was gone I was texting Tom, Him & Gail loved it and told me that I'm always welcomed to be at their house any time I want. They both loved the letter and they also told me that they both loved me as well. I was glad that I had gotten that off of my chest and I'm also exited that I can talk to Tom about anything. I'm really close to him and nothing is going to change from it. I love you Daddy Earl.